Live Support and Live Chat Overview

.netLIVEHELP works with your existing support infrastructure to attract and retain customers. Within minutes you can have a fully functional live help deployment installed and functioning on your web site.

View: Operator Console screen shots

Live help is a real-time person to person chat which provides a direct connection between your customers and your support or sales representatives. You can define different departments and have .netLIVEHELP automatically route and assign chats to the least busy operator. .netLIVEHELP provides the immediacy and effectiveness of telephone support with the low cost and scalability of email. For example, consider a small company with 5 support representatives. With telephone support they can assist a maximum of 5 people but a skilled live help operator can field multiple simultaneous live chats. As they wait for customers to type their response they can be responding to other requests.

Even when you have a 1-800 number on your web site some customers will hesitate to use it but live support and live chat breakdown barriers for customer communication. You can choose where you wish to add live help buttons in your site. For example on your order form live help can make the difference between an abandoned sale and a completed one.

Unlike service based offerings .netLIVEHELP is a software solution; you pay a one time license fee and can use it on your site without any additional recurring charges.

Service based systems charge per operator and costs quickly grow as your live help implementation grows, .netLIVEHELP has no such increasing costs. The system includes:

  • Unlimited operators
  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited client chat sessions
  • web based server application
  • desktop console application for operators

Note:A single license may be used to provide support services for one web site.